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The Collaborative Against Abuse of Older People in Sutherland Shire is a group of community aged care providers who work together to protect older people who are living in their own homes and may be experiencing mistreatment by persons they should be able to trust, such as family, friends or care workers. (Further definitions can be viewed in a document below)

Service providers that interested in joining the Collaborative or talking to the Chairperson can email (Current members can be viewed in a document below)

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The Collaborative is part of a network across NSW who work closely with the NSW Ageing and Disability Commission.

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Anyone who has reasonable grounds to believe that an adult with disability or older adult is subjected to, or at risk of, abuse, neglect or exploitation can call the helpline by phone on
1800 628 221 (Mon to Fri 9-5) or email via

If you are unsure how to identify and respond to abuse, follow this flowchart:

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