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ECS specialises in social support to enable people who are aged 65 years & over [50 years for Aboriginal people] to remain in their own homes & be a part of the community. Our services offer to help you to age well in your own home & stay active in your community.


You may need to be registered through My Aged Care & assessed for eligibility for our CHSP services. ECS staff can help with information about your aged care options. We can support you with the registration process. Social support for individuals includes the following services:


  • FRIENDLY PHONE CALLS - Stay in touch when you’re housebound or unwell, on a short-term or regular basis, through a volunteer call at an agreed time.


  • HOME VISITS - Become friends with a volunteer who visits when you can’t get out & about.  The frequency is dependent on your needs & volunteer availability.

  • ONE-ON-ONE ASSISTED SHOPPING - Accompanied support with shopping, banking & other social needs in your local community.

  • SOCIAL GROUPS - Being part of a community can have a positive effect on your wellbeing. Our social groups foster a sense of belonging and can connect you with members of your local community.

Woman helping an elderly lady with a trolley of groceries
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