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In the library with the family


Love to read great books and watch great films? ECS Community Library is a free library of DVDs and books available to all our ECS visitors whenever ECS is open.

You can donate books and/or DVDs in exchange for taking books and DVDs from our shelves.

ECS community library
Books on a bookshelf

We take donations that are in good condition and appropriate for children under 12 or for adult audiences. We don’t accept periodicals, CDs, TV shows, burnt/pirated discs or discs without their DVD cases. A maximum of 20 items may be donated into the ECS Community Library crate at any one time. There is no limit on how many items you can take from the Community Library.

Don’t forget, your feedback on the Community Library is important to us! Feel free to tell our friendly staff what sorts of books and DVDs you’d like to see on our shelves, what you think of our stock and what you’ve enjoyed from our shelves. 

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