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Fun Fact #1

In 1956, when the poultry farm at the corner of Station Street and the Old Princes Highway Engadine was sub-divided for shops, Sutherland Shire Council wanted to acquire land for a community centre opposite Waratah Road. A group of local people formed in 1958 to support the push.


Fun Fact #3

Engadine Community Services has had several names since the organisation was formed in 1971, beginning as Engadine District Neighbour Aid. The foundation members of the EDNA team included Ann and Noel Lang, Bennie Moxon, Myrna Rogerson, Mary Schroeder, Laila Stubbs and Margaret Wright; Francine Bartlett was the social worker at Sutherland Shire Council.


Fun Fact #5

In 1986, Engadine District Community Aid and Information Service was re-located to the Women's Rest Centre.  In 1990, the building was modified to provide wheelchair users with access to the office and information service and to open up greater part of the building for public. Under Centre Coordinators, Karen Wilcox  and Kaye Morris , saw its role as servicing the needs of the whole community, while working for social justice and change to improve the lives of Engadine residents.

1978 Shire Maps.png

Fun Fact #7

Engadine Community Services has operated out of several buildings over the past 50 years, including the Women's Rest Centre (renamed the Community Resource Centre in 1997)     Engadine Community Services started the 50+ Club in 2019, Engadine Community Services started the 50+ Club in 2019, Engadine Community Services started the 50+ Club in 2019, and an interim office at Boy's Town while awaiting the redevelopment of Engadine Town Square and the current Engadine Community Centre by Sutherland Shire Council in 2008/09. 


Fun Fact #9

When she was the Sutherland Shire HACC Development Officer (1998-2018), the current manager of Engadine Community Services, Melinda Paterson, actually worked with three of her predecessors, Carl Piraino, Nick Haney and Christina Mannyx.


Fun Fact #11

When it received funding through the old Home and Community Care Program (1995-2013), the Aged Services part of Engadine Community Services was called Engadine District Neighbour Aid. EDNA Coordinators including Pam Hill, Leanne Haynes, Anthea Bolton and Kylie Voysey, and now Lynette Buss, have led teams of volunteers dedicated to helping people to remain living in their own homes and be active in the community.


Fun Fact #13

Like any not-for-profit organisation, Engadine Community Services has relied on the wisdom and skills of volunteers on its management committee. The current committee are all local residents: Suzanne Jenkins, Garry Keir, Susan Ransom, Christina Mannyx and David Gilmore.


Fun Fact #15

Lee Brack became Engadine Community Services’ first Building Communities Coordinator in 2018.  Her role encompasses all parts of ECS: Child & Family Services, the Community Resource Centre and Aged Services.

engadine Shopping centre 1970s.jpeg

Fun Fact #2

The ECS archives tell us that Engadine Community Services was originally part of the Senior Citizens Centre.  It stood on Lots 39, 40 and 41 of DP 29583 purchased from Engadine poultry farmers Marie M Glenn and James E Rodger by Sutherland Shire Council in July 1959.


Fun Fact #4

Engadine Community Services has had several names and funders.  In 1975, it received several grants and was able to extend its services to include the Occasional Care Centre and the Youth Centre, under the name Engadine District Community Aid & Information Service. 


Fun Fact #6

Christina Mannyx was the longest serving manager of Engadine Community Services from 1993 to 2009 (when it was Engadine Community Aid and Information Service). EDCAIS activities increased to include a wide range of courses and programs that have included parenting, menopause and personal development courses, current affairs discussions, craft groups and self-protection workshops to name a few. Christina also established the Engadine Network, a bi-monthly meeting of health and youth workers to identify local community needs.

50club photo.jpg

Fun Fact #8

Engadine Community Services has a strong history of improving the lives of senior citizens through friendships groups, crafts, games and entertainment in the community centre, as well as bus outings. Engadine District Neighbour Aid was formally funded by the Home and Community Care Program in 1995.


Fun Fact #10

Engadine Community Services took over the operation of Sutherland Shire Toy Library when Carl Piraino was the manager (2010-17); however, the records suggest it has existed for over 30 years.

engadine Shopping centre 1970s.jpeg

Fun Fact #12

Engadine Community Services has supported many local residents to develop their skills for paid employment through student placements, both young school-leavers and mature people seeking a career change.


Fun Fact #14

Engadine Community Services started the 50+ Club in 2019, as a part of the Befriending project with Sutherland Shire Council and partner organisations across the Shire. The group is for people who are looking for social activities and are too young for the aged care services at ECS.

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